Olli Vainio


Olli Vainio
University of Oulu

Tel: +358 40 5133030
Email: olli.vainio[at]oulu.fi

Teija Lehtonen

Vice chair

Teija Lehtonen
Aalto University

Tel: +358 400 618 328
Email: teija.lehtonen[at]aalto.fi

UniPID Board 2015-2017

Aalto University

Pertti Haaparanta (Member)
Department Chair, Professor of International Economics
Aalto University School of Economics
Email: pertti.haaparanta[at]aalto.fi

Teija Lehtonen (Vice-Member)
Director, Aalto Global Impact
Aalto-university School of Economics
Tel: +358 400 618 328
Email: teija.lehtonen[at]aalto.fi

University of Eastern Finland

Harri Siiskonen (Member)
Dean, Professor
University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Social Sciences and business Studies
Email: harri.siiskonen[at]uef.fi
Tel: 0400 577 453

Sari Pitk�nen (Vice-Member)
Development Manager, Dr
University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences
Tel: +358 50 3634540
Email: sari.k.pitkanen[at]uef.fi

Arja Erkkil� (Vice-Member)
Docent, PhD 
University of Eastern Finland, Department of Public Health
Email: arja.erkkila[at]uef.fi
Tel: 040355 2918 

University of Helsinki

Elina Oinas (Member)
Professor of Sociology
Swedish School of Social Science
University of Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 19124268, +358 40 5929395
Email: elina.oinas[at]helsinki.fi

Petri Pellikka (Member)
Professor of Geoinformatics, Director of Taita Research Station
Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 19151068, mob: +358 50 4154701

Email: petri.pellikka[at]helsinki.fi

Jussi Pakkasvirta (Vice-Member)
Head of Department, Professor, PhD
Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 191 23795 (office)


Markku Kanninen (Vice-Member)
Professor of Tropical Silviculture, PhD (Agr.& For.), Director of VITRI
University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 191 58133
E-mail: markku.kanninen[at]helsinki.fi

University of Jyv�skyl�

Tiina Kontinen (Member)
Senior lecturer, Development & International Cooperation (PhD)
Dept of Social Sciences & Philosophy, University of Jyv�skyl�
Tel: +358 40 485 6718

Tuula Tuhkanen (Vice-Member)
Professor, Environmental technology
Section of Environmental science and technology, University of Jyv�skyl�
Tel. +35840 534 5120

Pekka Toivanen (Vice-Member)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Music
University of Jyv�skyl�
Tel. 040 805 4322

Email: pekka.k.toivanen[at]jyu.fi

University of Lapland

Satu Miettinen (Member)
Professor, Applied Arts and Design
University of Lapland
Tel: +358 40 48 44 367
Email: satu.miettinen[at]ulapland.fi

Satu Pesola (Vice-Member)
Research service manager, Administration
University of Lapland
Tel: +358 40 48 44 399
Email: satu.pesola[at]ulapland.fi

University of Oulu

Olli Vainio (Member)
Professor, Dean for Education at the Faculty of Medicine
University of Oulu, Faculty of Medicine; Oulu University Hospital Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Tel: +358 40 5133030
Email: olli.vainio[at]oulu.fi

Jarkko Saarinen (Vice-Member)
Professor, Department of Geography, University of Oulu and University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +358 8 553 1716; +358 40 48 40 777
Email: jarkko.saarinen[at]oulu.fi

University of Tampere

Pertti Haapala (Member)
Professor, Director of The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Historical Research
History, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere
Tel: +358 (0)50 5242284
Email: hipeha[at]uta.fi 

Tarja Sepp� (Vice-Member)
Lecturer in international politics and peace research
University of Tampere
Tel:+358 3 3551 7016
Email: tarja.seppa[at]uta.fi

Elias Pekkola (Vice-Member)
University Instruction, School of Management 
University of Tampere
Tel: +358 50 4211 073 
Email: elias.pekkola[at]uta.fi

University of Turku

Mika Korkeakoski (Member)
Project Manager
Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku
Email: mika.korkeakoski[at]utu.fi

Niina K�yhk� (Vice-Member) 
University Lecturer
Department of Geography and Geology
Email: niina.kayhko[at]utu.fi

�bo Akademi University

Katarina Frostell (Member)
Project Manager
Institute for Human Rights, �bo Akademi University
phone +358 2 215 4751
email kfrostel[at]abo.fi

Ea Blomqvist (Vice-Member)
Environmental Co-ordinator
�bo Akademi University
Tel: +358 40 542 8285
Email: ea.blomqvist[at]abo.fi

Observer members

National Union of University Students in Finland

Riikka Aartola (Member)

Johanna Ursin-Escobar (Vice member)

UNU-WIDER - United Nations University, World Institute for Development Economics Research

Jukka Pirttil� (Member) 
Research Fellow
Tel: +358 9 615 99 219
Email: jukka.pirttila[at]wider.unu.edu

Paul Silfvenius (Vice-Member)
Chief, Administrative & Programme Services
Tel: +358 9 615 9911
Email: silfvenius[at]wider.unu.edu