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The Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa (RINEA) is the newest European Union and Africa Cooperation network under the Horizon 2020 being funded by the EU. Under Horizon 2020, RINEA will run from 2015-2017.

RINEA aims to provide useful support to the High Level High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (HLPD), established by Europe and Africa under the Joint Africa-Europe Strategy (JAES).

RINEA actions offer support, disseminate information, coordinate, analyze and/or facilitate political and technical aspects of bi-regional STI cooperation through collaboration with relevant initiatives, organizations and actors in STI.

RINEA Activities:

  • Strengthening the quality and quantity of partnership between relevant research and innovative actors in EU countries and African countries

  • Providing strategic analysis in fields relevant for the HLPD through policy briefing.

  • Encourage and coordinate projects and policies for international cooperation in STI for more coherence, joint ownership and resource productivity.

  • Organizing of large fora constituting of EU and African stakeholders from the scientific community, the private sector, civil society and policy making.

  •  Supporting and enriching both formal and informal processes of bi-regional STI policy dialogue between EU and Africa.

  • Monitoring of EU-Africa HLPD, including analysis of results and drafting conclusions of activities. 

Expected Impact:

  • Stronger interaction between EU researchers and those of its international partners, including stronger participation of international partners in Horizon 2020.

  • Optimizing framework conditions for international cooperation.

  • Increased coordination and synergies between policies and programmes of Member States, Associated Countries and the international partners.

  • Ensuring close synergies with the international dimension of calls launched across Horizon 2020 to enable the socio-economic impact of Horizon 2020.

  • More strategic priority setting for cooperation with the Union´s international partners across the whole Horizon 2020.

UniPID’s Role:

UniPID will serve as Co-Leader Work Package 1&2: Facilitating the lunching and implementation of two new joint calls for proposals targeting European and African STI programme owners. Task includes:

  • Analyze and monitor research and innovation cooperation partnership on Horizon 2020,

  • Build Africa-EU research and innovation partnership,

  •  Identify and promote best practices from ongoing European, African, and joint funding activities in science, technology and innovation,

  • Create platform for programmme owners from Europe and Africa and identify areas of added value from coordinating STI funding along common objectives,

  • Promote the implementation of activities agreed upon within the EU-Africa HLPD through coordinated funding, and

  • Assist in setting up mechanism and tools for the implementation of joint calls for proposals.

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