UniPID offers funding to meet its strategic objectives: improving university capacities within the development sphere, building academic expertise in development related fields and networking for research collaboration.

The UniPID network yearly invites interested partners, coordinators and teachers to submit course proposals for new UniPID virtual courses. A sum of €6500 per course is available from UniPID for the creation and provision of a new virtual course, provided that the coordinating university will arrange the course (open to UniPID students) at least 3 times without further funding from UniPID. A sum of up to €3500 is available for updating a course that has been offered thrice previously.

UniPID also offers Seminar Grants of up to €2000 for member universities who organize or co-organize a multidisciplinary seminar that discusses a topic related to international development or global challenges. The programme of the seminar should allow presentations by PhD students in the field of development studies and the seminar should also be open to participants outside of the organizing university.

The calls for UniPID’s Virtual Studies and Seminar grants are open every fall.

The FinCEAL Plus project coordinated by UniPID also offers funding for various activities related to research cooperation with African, Asian and Latin American and Caribbean partners. FinCEAL Plus funding consists of: Travel Grants for researchers and PhD students, Project Preparatory Funding for Horizon2020 applications, Event Grants and Research Visit Grants. Read more here.

Open funding opportunities:

Rolling Call for funding under the FinCEAL Plus Partnership Support Instrument