Research Facilitation

UniPID aims at establishing and reinforcing research and development cooperation between universities in Finland and abroad and helps to build the competencies and resources of developing countries. UniPID supports and promotes the capacities of researchers providing links for researchers to collaborate and work together towards common research efforts. In addition to the research collaboration, UniPID fosters knowledge sharing by offering researchers training and gathering expertise together for roundtable events. UniPID disseminates pertinent information such as funding and upcoming research opportunities. Strengthening the capacities of available research funding and international cooperation remain a long-term aim of UniPID's.

Policy Dialogue

One of UniPID's main objectives in supporting sustainable development is to offer academic contributions in planning and implementing Finnish development policy.

UniPID works to ensure that academic perspectives and voices from both North and South are available and heard in Finnish and EU development research policy formulation, and provides a platform for its members with development expertise to contribute towards policy making. UniPID's main partners regarding policy dialogue are the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE), the Academy of Finland, TEKES, CIMO and Kepa. UniPID works actively with its national partners in order to promote the role of universities in sustainable development and North-South cooperation, and UniPID also offers advice to its partners in their deliberations of sustainable development policies and strategy papers.

Recent contributions: