University of Turku contributes to capacity building for research, education and institutional structures in higher education institutions in developing countries. Long term partnerships are formed through the North-South-South programme, the HEI-ICI instrument and the Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD) network.

There is a lot of multidisciplinary knowledge, research and education related to development issues at the University of Turku. Research projects examine various themes from biodiversity and environmental issues to questions related to securing livelihoods or energy.

The university also offers study modules on Development studies and Sustainable Development and Responsible Business. Nowadays, the Turku area has a significant network for sustainable development and responsible business cooperation.

In the UniPID Board of 2015-2017, University of Turku is represented by:

Mika Korkeakoski (Member) 
Project Manager
Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku

Niina Käyhkö (Vice-Member)
University Lecturer
Department of Geography and Geology