Åbo Akademi University is an internationally acknowledged university and its activities cover research and education in most disciplines.

Åbo Akademi has a separate Institute for Human Rights and it specializes in teaching and research with a human rights focus. The internationally active Åbo Akademi has a broad number of research networks and a significant amount of cooperation with developing countries through the North-South-South programme.

Åbo Akademi has organised student exchange and intensive courses in developing countries through the Sustainable Development and Human Rights Network. The interdisciplinary project focuses on understanding the relationship between development and human rights.

In the UniPID Board of 2015-2017, Åbo Akademi University is represented by:

Katarina Frostell (Member)
Project Manager
Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University
phone +358 2 215 4751
Email: kfrostel[at]abo.fi

Ea Blomqvist (Vice-Member)
Environmental Co-ordinator
Åbo Akademi University
Tel: +358 40 542 8285
Email: ea.blomqvist[at]abo.fi