UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development


Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
P.O. Box 35 / Ylistönmäentie 33
FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä

Johanna Kivimäki

Coordinator (on maternity leave)
  • General coordination of UniPID network activities and member university participation;
  • Cooperation with national and international partners and stakeholders;
  • Development policy dialogue; universities' global responsibility actions; support for development studies

Melissa Plath

Project Coordinator
  • Management of UniPID projects;
  • Coordination of CAAST-Net Plus and ERAfrica;
  • EU-Africa Cooperation in Science, Technology, and Innovation;
  • Virtual Studies
Tel. +358 40 024 8075

Outi Etuaho

Virtual Studies Assistant
  • Coordination of the UniPID virtual studies
  • Translation
Tel. +358 40 805 4327

Eva Kagiri

Project Coordinator FinCEAL Africa
  • Coordinating the Africa component of the FinCEAL project
Tel. +358 40 805 4232

Kajsa Ekroos

Project coordinator FinCEAL Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Coordinating the LAC component of the FinCEAL project
Tel. +358 44 552 3568 or +358 9 191 58645

FAQ on Studies?

For information on the Virtual Studies, see the FAQ page or download the Virtual Studies Guide.