UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development


Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
P.O. Box 35 / Opinkivi 317
FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä

Johanna Kivimäki

Head of Unit / UniPID Coordinator 
  • General Coordination of UniPID network activities and member university participation
  • Cooperation with national partners and stakeholders
  • Development policy dialogue
  • Universities' global responsibility actions
  • Support for development studies
Tel.:+ 358 40 805 4136

Melissa Plath

Head of Projects
  • Cooperation with international partners and stakeholders
  • Management of UniPID projects
  • Coordination of UniPID's participation in CAAST-Net Plus and RINEA
  • EU-Africa cooperation in science, technology, and innovation
  • Virtual Studies
Tel.: +358 40 024 8075

Osku Haapasaari

Communications and Virtual Studies Assistant
  • Coordination of the UniPID Virtual Studies
  • UniPID newsletters
  • Translation
Tel.: +358 40 805 4327

Kajsa Ekroos

Project Coordinator, FinCEAL Plus LAC
  • Coordinating the Latin American and Caribbean component of the FinCEAL Plus project
Tel.: +358 50 448 6185

Jarkko Mutanen

Project Coordinator, FinCEAL Plus Asia
  • Coordinating the Asia component of the FinCEAL Plus project
Tel.: +358 50 463 7775


Eva Kagiri

Project Coordinator, FinCEAL Plus Africa
  • Coordinating the Africa component of theFinCEAL Plus project
Tel.: +358 40 805 4716


Our Mission

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities, which supports the strategic global responsibility objectives of Finnish universities. UniPID strengthens and advances the interdisciplinary education, research and societal impact of universities on global development.

FAQ on Studies?

For information on the Virtual Studies, see the FAQ page or download the Virtual Studies Guide.