The purpose of FinCEAL Plus Preparatory Funding is to offer support for Finnish research institutions in preparing for applications for EU collaborative research funding e.g Horizon 2020, ERA-Net and European Development Fund. The applications should be relevant to at least one of the FinCEAL Plus regional thematic areas. This mechanism is targeted to individual Principle Investigators or research groups involved in a consortium, for activities such as arranging consortium meetings, paying salaries of staff involved in the writing process, and other direct costs that may be associated with the preparation of a proposal. This grant is meant for applicants who already have a consortium and are in the mid to late stage preparation process of their project. Please also note that this funding cannot be applied for the preparation of funding applications to national funding bodies (Academy of Finland, TEKES, HEI-ICI etc.)
Eligible costs include costs directly related to the preparation of the application such as salary costs (overheads are not eligible), travel costs or costs related to the organization of a meeting (catering, rent of a venue).

The Grants are issued through a Rolling Call that opened on March 1st, 2017 and remains open until further notice. 

As of June 1st, 2018, grants for Africa and LAC are no longer available. Asia-related grants will be closed on August 31st. For more information on the Grants and how to apply

Image Attribution: Piotr Fajfer / Oxfam International


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