FinCEAL Plus is a project financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture with the purpose of increasing support for Finnish researchers focusing on Africa, Asia and the LAC regions. The project is a continuation and expansion of the FinCEAL project (2013-2014) and aims to enhance Finnish expert participation and influence in the EU-Africa, EU-Asia and EU-CELAC Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy dialogues.

The project focuses on supporting Finnish research and innovation under the thematic areas defined in the bi-regional STI dialogues:

Africa – Food security, Health, Climate Change, Renewable energy and Information Society;
Asia – Health, Food Security and Safety, Water Management, Renewable Energy, and ICT;
Latin America and the Caribbean – ICT for societal challenges, Bioeconomy, Renewable Energy, Health, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase and consolidate the Finnish bi-regional cooperation towards Africa, Asia and the LAC region, with special emphasis on supporting Finnish researchers’ involvement in European bi-regional networks;
  • Support and consolidate the participation of Finnish experts in EU-Africa, EU-CELAC, and EU-Asia bi-regional research and science policy dialogues;
  • Increase the knowledge about and visibility of Finnish cooperation towards the regions within Finland;
  • Expand the awareness of Finnish expertise in the regions; and
  • Expand and consolidate the Finnish research community’s awareness of cooperation possibilities with the EU, Africa, Asia, and the LAC region.

  • These objectives will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Issue Travel Grants to enhance participation of Finnish researchers in bi-regional STI policy dialogue and events that expand awareness of Finnish expertise in the regions
  • Issue Preparatory Funding to support applicants based in Finnish institutions, who are applying for EU research project funding
  • Organize thematic networking events in Finland and regional side-events in Europe, Africa, Asia and/or the LAC region
  • Issue targeted support grants for thematic events
  • Update, maintain, and expand the InfoBank, a database of Finnish researchers and research conducted on Africa, Asia or the LAC region
  • Enhance the communication of the cooperation possibilities in the regions.

  • Read more about the FinCEAL impact and results:

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