The UniPID Strategy for 2014-2019 has divided UniPID's activities under three pillars according to UniPID mission:


  • UniPID coordinates a joint virtual studies minor programme in sustainable development and offers funding for the member universities to produce virtual courses for the programme.
  • UniPID also supports the training and networking of Finnish doctoral students in the field of development studies. 
  • UniPID promotes development studies and encourages research and specialization in the field by supporting and organizing seminars related to global challenges and awarding a yearly Master’s Award in Development Studies.


  • UniPID supports research cooperation, networking and knowledge sharing between member universities and with international partners at both the institutional and individual researcher level. This is done through disseminating opportunities for research cooperation and funding, and organizing networking events, workshops and seminars.
  • UniPID impacts the national and international research agenda and funding priorities by maintaining a dialogue with decision makers, gathering the research community’s views and preparing policy comments, and facilitating Finnish researchers’ participation in policy events.

Societal Impact 

  • UniPID impacts national and international development policies and promotes and applies the knowledge and expertise of its member universities by facilitating researchers’ participation in global development events, delivering research community’s comments on development policies, and supporting and organizing seminars related to global development, higher education and research.
  • UniPID shares information and facilitates contacts between member universities and potential international partner institutions to encourage development cooperation related to research and higher education.
  • UniPID strengthens communication between member universities and with other national and international stakeholders and global development networks.