UniPID Values

UniPID Values

UniPID Mission

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities, which supports the strategic global responsibility objectives of Finnish universities. UniPID strengthens and advances the interdisciplinary education, research and societal impact of universities on global development.

UniPID's Objectives

  • Enhance the realization of universities’ global responsibility objectives;
  • Strengthen and diversify Finnish universities’ and international partner institutions’ curricula and educational capacity in global development issues at under-graduate and post-graduate levels;
  • Increase the interest in development studies, and in specialization and research on the field;
  • Enhance institutional cooperation and individual partnerships beyond the institutional and national borders in higher education and research related to global challenges and development;
  • Enhance Finnish universities’ and researchers’ impact on research and development policies;
  • Impact the national and international research agenda and funding priorities, and increase funding for research on global challenges and development; and
  • Increase the importance of higher education and research in facing global challenges, enhance the role of higher education institutions in development cooperation, and increase the funding and develop the instruments for HEI development cooperation.

The full strategy can be found HERE.

UniPID Activities

UniPID takes part in many activities that align with their mission to build the capacity of students, researchers, institutions and development networks. 

UniPID is actively involved in several European Commission funded projects (CAAST-Net Plus & RINEA) in order to further both Finnish and partner interest in EU-Africa cooperation.