FinCEAL+ Policy Reports on Finnish STI Collaboration with Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean

In 2018, the FinCEAL Plus coordinators carried out 3 independent studies of the STI collaboration landscape, focusing on the policy ecosystem in which Finland collaborates with Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia region on STI. The outcomes of these studies as well as the experiences and lessons learned during 6 years of the FinCEAL project are collated into three comprehensive region-specific policy reports. These reports synthesize findings and conclusions derived from extensive empirical inquiry carried out within the Finnish STI community. Additionally, these long policy reports acted as the base for more condensed policy briefs for each region. The policy briefs were targeted at the Finnish national STI stakeholders such as the relevant ministries and funding agencies.

Read the policy reports to:

  • Obtain an up-to-date outlook on STI collaboration between Finland Africa and LAC.
  • Understand the roadblocks and opportunities in the Finnish STI collaboration scene regarding Africa and LAC.
Policy report for Africa region (by Eva Kagiri-Kalanzi & Roseanna Avento)
Policy report for LAC region (by Kajsa Ekroos & Maria Lima-Toivanen)

For comments and questions, please contact the authors. The policy report for Southeast Asia will be published here soon!

*Image credits: Titanium22