The FinCEAL Initiative External Assessment Comprehensive Report

Photo credit: Birgit Fostervold, 2017, on Flickr.

The Finnish University Partnership for International Development - UniPID and the University of Jyväskylä ordered a comprehensive assessment of the FinCEAL Initiative with the following two main goals:

  • To evaluate the achievements of the FinCEAL Initiative against its goals and objects; and
  • Assess FinCEAL's contribution to enhancing research and innovation cooperation with the target regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.
The external assessment was carried out by Osaile company under the leadership of Leo Pekkala. In a detailed report, the assessment highlights both opinions and facts collected through interactions with a variety of research participants.

For an understanding of the FinCEAL Initiative, what the project is about , its achievements and lessons from 2013-2018, read the full assessment report below.