ASEAN-Finland Research Seminar Webcasting,            25 September 2018 at 9:00 AM [UTC+3]

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UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development / FinCEAL Plus, University of Helsinki and the Embassies of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Royal Thai Embassy in Finland and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Finland are organizing a high-level ASEAN-Finland Research seminar focused on Science, Technology and Innovation, and research cooperation between Finland and ASEAN countries. The seminar will be live-streamed to the Internet.

This seminar will bring together experts from academia, industry as well as government representatives and other stakeholders from Finland and Southeast Asian countries to present and discuss about
  • The present and future research cooperation between Southeast Asia and Finland
  • Opportunities for research collaboration with Southeast Asian institutions
  • Challenges on the process of research collaboration between Southeast Asia and Finland
and to

  • Discover untapped opportunities for cooperation and establish new partnerships in Science, Technology and Innovation between the two regions;
  • Provide a space for different stakeholders to share their expertise and experiences related to key topics;
  • Provide a platform for developing concrete joint research cooperation initiatives

The research topics of the seminar are focused on - but not limited to - ICT, Health, Food Security and Safety, Renewable Energy, Water Management, Cleantech, Nanotechnology, and Education.

The live-stream (starts on Tue 25th September at 9:00 AM [UTC+3]) link of the seminar with the seminar programme can be found here.

For more information please contact: jarkko.mutanen[at]