Decisions for UniPID Seminar Grants 2018

Photo credit: daniel zimmel on Flickr 2006.

UniPID organizes a yearly call for Seminar Grants of up to 2000 euros for UniPID member universities for the purposes of organizing a seminar that discusses a topic related to international development or global challenges.The programme of the seminar should allow presentations by PhD students and the seminar should be open to participants outside of the organizing university.

The decisions for the UniPID Seminar Grants 2017 have been made and in total 2000 euros was granted to the following seminar:

  • University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design: Participatory Development through Art Conference, 15-18 August 2018
In addition to supporting the organization of this seminar, UniPID supports Finnish Society for Development Research's annual Development Days Conference 2018, which is organized 15-16 February under the rubric The Politics of Sustainability: Re-thinking resources, values and justice.

Congratulations to the grantees!