Report from UniPID workshop: Tackling with temporalities, cultures and locations of ”Gender” and ”Development”

UniPID organized the workshop session Tackling with Temporalities, Cultures and Locations of ‘Gender’ and ‘Development’: From Global Sisterhood to Queer Dystopias as a part of the 2017 Gender Studies Conference at the University of Jyväskylä. The workshop was divided into two sessions, one on Friday and one on Saturday.

The sessions incorporated the following sessions:

  • Introduction by Elina Oinas
  • akshay khanna: On the politics of accommodation - the ontological challenges of gender and the sexual in development
  • Tiina Seppälä: Feminizing autonomy? On resistance/s against neoliberal development in South Asia
  • Liina Mustonen: Global sisterhood and anti-sexual harassment in post-2011 Egypt
  • Joanna Bunikowska: Women- and gender equality-related issues in development policy and practice. Views from Finland and Poland
  • Angelos Emmanouilidis: Multi-speed Europe: what does this leave gender? The curious case of Greece
As can be seen from the titles of the sessions above, the perspectives on gender and development employed were global in scope, while still maintaining sensitivity to global power relations, a foundation built securely on presentations by Oinas and khanna at the beginning of the workshop.

The comments from the all participants in the sessions constituted a good and constructive discussion which encourages UniPID to organize similar workshops in other relevant conferences of relevant fields.

You can read the workshop description here.