Success stories from the ERAfrica Partnership booklet published

The ERAfrica project, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme, was the first to bring together research funders from Africa and Europe to jointly design and launch instruments, regulations, and procedures for funding collaborative, bi-regional research projects. With a total of 8.29 million euros granted, ERAfrica funded 17 bi-regional projects with 65 institutions (31 Africa, 34 European) from 18 countries (8 African, 10 European).

RINEA has published a booklet highlighting the projects funded from ERAfrica. Although not all of the projects have finished their work, each has been conducted in the spirit of the EU-Africa partnership in science, technology, and innovation and shows the commitment of African and European countries to contribute to finding solutions to challenges that affect both regions.

Ville Tikka, project researcher at the UniPID Coordination Unit, comments that "the booklet showcases how wide-ranging and impactful the ERAfrica funding instrument has been". You can read more about the results and the impact of the projects by clicking the link below.

Read the booklet here.