21.1. – 10.3.2019

Water and Society (WASO) January 2019

Water and Society (WASO) January 2019
Course Dates: 21.1.2019 - 10.3.2019
Registration Dates:7.1.2019 - 16.1.2019 The course is full!
Coordinating University: Tampere University
Coordinators: Petri Juuti, petri.juuti[at]tuni.fi & Riikka Rajala, riikka.rajala[at]tuni.fi
Credits: 5 ECTS

Course Summary:

Water supply and sanitation (WSS) are a key element in the development of societies. The water history course will remind us that decisions about and management of water resources and services over the long-term are to a large extent public by nature. As water systems and water use have expanded continuously, we have entered an era where humankind has to strive for more efficient water management.


The goal is to learn the role of water supply and sanitation (WSS) in development of societies. We look multi- and interdisciplinary way to the history of WSS systems in different cultures in a distant past, now and in the future.

Learning methods:

This WASO course divides into five one-week sections and a final two-week section. Each of the six sections will include a variable number of small assignments for all students. A new section will start on Monday morning, at the latest, and all assignments are to be completed no later than 23.59 hours local time on Sunday. Note that you have to do all assignments and tasks to pass this course.

In addition to the weekly assignments, everybody will have to write an essay on a subject from a given list. This list of subjects will be published later.

Study materials:

Learning materials and texts will be available on the Moodle -course management system.

Assessment: passed / failed. Assessment is based on students activity and weekly assignments. In addition to this everybody writes a personal essay from a predetermined list of titles. Passing the course requires that student return all assignments and the essay according to the schedule.

Additional information:

Registration limited to 40 entries.

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