29.1. – 30.4.2019

Implications on Climate Change

Implications on Climate Change
Coordinating University: Åbo Akademi University
Course coordinator: Ea Maria Blomqvist, ea.blomqvist@abo.fi
Credits: 5 ECTS
Course level: General
Course dates: 29 January 2019 - 30 April 2019
Registration date: 1 December 2018 - 18 January 2019

Course description & objectives:

Climate change is a major concern for our future life supporting systems and will evitable have different consequences in different regions of the world. The efforts to mitigate and adapting to this challenge will influence all societal sectors. The ecological implications have already affected human societies in different regions of the world. Tackling the problems will demand changes in management to safeguarding a sustainable development.  

The course will give an outline on the facts and processes behind climate change and analyze the linkage between psychical processes and the ecological and societal implications.  

The course is divided into the following modules:

  • Physical and chemical indicators on climate change 
  • Energy sufficiency
  • Ecological implications on climate change.  
  • Societal implications on climate change
  • Regional and global efforts in mitigating and adapting to climate change 
Learning methods: 

The course modules will include written materials, video lectures, assessment of databases, explicit case studies, questionnaires, discussion forums, individual and group assignment, and a final essay. 

Expected learning outcomes:

The students are expected to:

  • gain basic understanding and analytical skills to explain general causes and consequences of climate change,
  • receive new tools and basic competences for system thinking and problem based learning,  
  • be introduced to holistic reviews on the complexity of problems related to climate change, 
  • have new tools and skills to communicate in an interdisciplinary manner,
  • have a clearer understanding about ecological boundaries and its implications on societal development. 
  • gain new argument skills for group discussions,
  • reflect on the importance of personal and societal commitments. 
Study material: 

  • available on Moodle:  from textbooks, scientific journals, international databases, online lectures and public media. 
Assessment: Grade 0-5. The final mark will consist of an evaluation of the essay, individual and group assignments, quizzes and on active participation.

Additional Information:

This course is arranged by the Open University at Ã…bo Akademi University. Ordinary and exchange students of the member universities of the UniPID Network can apply and attend the course free of charge.

Open University students PLEASE NOTE: when registering (applying), please write "open university" in both compulsory fields asking for "name of faculty" and "student number".

Students of the Open University have a participation fee of 50 euros (see: http://www.abo.fi/student/en/englishcourses)

Photo credit: Erik Bonsdorff, The Nordenskiöld Glacier, West Greenland, August 2013.