24.10.2016 – 2.1.2017

ICT for Development

ICT for Development

ICT for Development 

Course dates: 24.10.2016 – 02.01.2017 
Registration dates: 1.9.2016-15.10.2016 
Coordinating University: University of Eastern Finland 
Coordinator: Jarkko Suhonen, jarkko.suhonen (at) uef.fi 
Credits: 5 ECTS 
Course level: Specific 

Course summary: 

The course provides an introduction to the field of ICT for development (ICT4D). The course  content provides a glimpse to contemporary issues related to use of ICT in various  development contexts. The course covers the basics of ICT4D, as well as an introduction to  ICT4D in different areas (education, health, etc.). During the course possibilities, opportunities, challenges and problems related to the field of ICT4D will be discussed. 


  • have a general understanding about the field of ICT4D 
  • identify important aspects related to ICT4D 
  • ability to critically analyse the role of ICT for development (roles, opportunities, challenges, problems) 
Learning methods: 

Online course including readings, online discussions and learning activities completed  individually and pairs. 

Study materials:

Video lectures, online material, scientific publications related to ICT4D. 


Grade: 0-5. All submitted learning activities during the course are assessed through self-,  peer- and teacher evaluations. The grade of the course is based on the course points collected  from the learning activities. 

Additional information:

The course is designed for master's and doctoral level students with experience in Computing. Depending on the needs and interests of interested students, participants without computing background are welcome! 

A maximum of 30 students from UniPID network will be admitted to the course. The  students will be admitted on a first come, first served-basis. 

UEF students, please sign up through Weboodi.

Registration for this course is closed.