15.2. – 15.5.2016

Good Governance, Corruption and Development

Good Governance, Corruption and Development
Course Dates: 15.02.2016-15.05.2016
Registration Dates: 22.12.2015-17.01.2016
Coordinating University: University of Tampere
Coordinator: Elias Pekkola (elias.pekkola[at]uta.fi)
Credits: 5 ECTS
Course Level: General

Course Content
Basic concepts of world governance
- Anarchy and Sovereignty
- Regime
- Supranational and international actors
- Rule of Law
Development of Good Governance
- T he classical definitions of governance (bureaucracy,
classics theory of management and administration)
- T he path dependency of good governance
- Establishment of good governance
- International organizations and good governance
(hegemonic discourses)
o Role of public sector and law
o Role of market economy
o Role of civil society
Coping with bad Governance
- Corruption and anti-corruption
- Failed and fragile states

Course Objectives The aim of this basic course is
1) provide concepts for analyzing governance in developing countries
2) provide understanding on the sustainable development of good governance
3) give an overview on the global discourse of good governance and corruption ( e.g. IMF, UN, WB, OECD)

Course Learning Methods The course is based on the online learning materials and individual assignments. The course consist three modules (basic concepts, good governance and corruption)

Image attribution: ©2007 Luke Redmond on Flickr

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